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Live Free & Dine was born after watching too many of our neighbors over-extend themselves trying to put healthy meals on the table, or turning to fast food when it's all just too tiring. At the same time, we've watched our cherished local farms and purveyors face mounting challenges with each passing season.

We dreamed of providing our neighbors with delicious, better-for-you, pre-made meals that are easy to heat-and-eat, made with ingredients sourced directly from our beautiful Granite State. And then we made it happen.

Say goodbye to sacrificing dietary health for convenience. We hate that for you. That's why we've built-in health to all the foods offered in our market. How do we keep it wholesome and still delicious? By replacing animal fats for healthier ones where we can, using less sugar or swapping with natural sweeteners like fruit, and tapping into the power of seasoning. Our goal is to help you stop feeling guilty because you don't have time to cook. Do the things you need to do. Let us take care of dinner.

Restaurants also rely on a lot of staff to make them work. We don't. We're American Culinary Federation certified professional chefs, and we make our meals from scratch every day, offering only take out - allowing us to keep prices reasonable. Quite simply, we make it easier for you to put high quality, healthier food on the table every night. 

We also have a deep commitment to our community, and to the most vulnerable among us. Anyone can purchase a Community Meal for a neighbor that gets posted to a bulletin board in the market, and anyone in need can walk in, select a ticket from the board, and turn it in for a meal of their choice for their family. We've also dedicated 5% of our profits to community shelters and to our local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). We operate a sober facility, and embrace community members in recovery. 

"Above all, we offer delicious, healthful food from the land, that's easy to take home heat and eat. You can even say you made it. We won't tell."

Chef Karen Calabro, PA
Founder & Owner




Karen Calabro, PA
Owner, Executive Chef & Mastermind

Chef Karen is on a mission to save New Hampshire's local farms and purveyors by crafting their produce into healthy, affordable heat-and-eat meals for busy folks & families. Live Free & Dine brings together her vision of collaborating with local producers (over 40 and growing!) and her passion for helping her neighbors eat more healthfully and deliciously. Trained classically by master chefs from Italy, France, Austria, Mexico and Hong Kong, Karen also apprenticed with the American Culinary Federation and has travelled the world. She hopes to raise the bar on culinary education locally by providing on-the-job training to under-served individuals while improving community health at the same time. Prior to founding Live Free & Dine, Karen spent nine years in the medical field providing care to under-served populations. Karen is currently serving her first term as an elected member of the NH State House of Representatives for District 45. 


Chef Inger Stigum Walega

Executive Pastry Chef

There are few people locally who have not enjoyed this chef's creations at local parties, but we are bringing her out of her classically trained at Johnson & Wales shell and releasing one of the finest pastry chefs in Southern New Hampshire onto the public.  She is the creator of our line of Valhalla Pastries, has significant training and experience that spans over forty years, and is highly focused on expanding healthful gluten-free, dairy-free, and reduced sugar pastries in our community. Her tiramisu, cheesecakes, and cupcakes have sustained our spirits throughout the years, and we're lucky to have her. Be ready to get the tailor to let out those waistbands, if you're not careful. 


Carla Guffanti 
Business Manager, Chief Zumba Officer

The only thing that shines brighter than Carla's business management and logistics expertise is her love for all the flavors of life! Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carla keeps our operation running smoothly while Karen and the culinary team work their magic in the kitchen. When she's not working her spreadsheets or the website, Carla can be found jamming out to Zumba and spreading the joy of music and movement to all who know her. Her daughter Lola is the light of her life. "Puedes superar cualquier cosa, si y solo si amas algo lo suficiente." -Lionel Messi 

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